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From January 14, 2016

I'm leaving a client early today. There was no work for me to do. Though some would be disappointed to lose the extra money, I almost can't contain my excitement. Not just because I'm happy to go home and spend some extra time with my son but because of the feeling of accomplishment.

Me leaving early signifies that J Metellus and Associates has completed the task that it was hired for and our client's financials are completely in order. When I signed on with this client in the 4th quarter of the year, their entire bookkeeping system was in disarray for 2015. Months and months of 6 figure income and expenses to be categorized. Thousands of transactions per month to be reconciled. For each of their 2 companies. They realized that they just could not handle that load AND efficiently run their company. But here it is, my second visit for the year 2016 and they are ready to close out their 2015 for BOTH companies. By, my next visit, they will be completely ready to file their taxes, MONTHS ahead of the April 15th deadline. My client is ecstatic and I am extremely proud of the work that's been done.

My dream is that every client of ours can experience the peace of mind of knowing that their business's affairs are in order and have the freedom to grow THEIR business into a 6 figure+ per month well oiled machine.

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